Global Terms and Conditions

Global Terms and Conditions

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the information which I have provided to the Sanofi Group (hereafter “Sanofi”) in this employment application is accurate and I understand that Sanofi will rely on it to evaluate my candidacy for employment opportunities.

I agree that Sanofi may use the data provided in this employment application data such as name, address, work history, etc. collected on the career site for recruitment purposes only, except to the extent permitted or required by applicable law. The provided data may be processed when creating an employment file by the Sanofi’s human resources services as well as by third party providers (e.g. IT system suppliers, compensation and benefit program providers, recruitment process outsourcing companies, etc.) and I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data as described here above including the transfer outside the European Economic Area. If I have provided personal information of third parties such as personal or professional references, I confirm I have received their permission to do so.

I agree that my personal data may be kept on file for up to two years to be considered for other job openings, in accordance with applicable laws.
I further agree that my application data may be transferred worldwide to Sanofi affiliates, third-party providers, regulatory authorities or as required by law, if necessary for the above specified recruitment purposes, or other purposes permitted or required by applicable law, so long as Sanofi will ensure that my personal data is protected through adequate safeguards.

Sanofi will contractually require that third party providers, Sanofi affiliates, third-party providers described above will process my personal data in accordance with the specified recruitment purpose, the relevant data protection law and within the limits under which the relevant personal data were originally collected. Sanofi will not otherwise share my personal data unless required to do so by law.

I can at any time initiate the revoke of my consent and purge all of my personal information by using the self-service purge function via my personal account on the external Sanofi career site. I can also at any time contact Sanofi to access or edit my personal information by emailing  I am aware that if I withdraw my application, it will no longer be considered by Sanofi.

Local Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are also offered in the additional languages to ensure comprehension or in cases there are additional addendums. Applicants agree to terms & conditions and any county-specific addendums when submitting their application. Sanofi is committed to protecting the privacy of your data. Click here to review the data privacy statement


Letter C

Country Local Terms and Conditions
China TA Global Terms Conditions - Chinese 
Colombia Global TC updated May 2018 COLOMBIA.pdf

Letter D

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Denmark TA Global Terms Conditions - Danish

Letter F

Country Local Terms and Conditions
France TA Global Terms Conditions - French             

Letter G

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Germany TA Global Terms Conditions - German 

Letter I

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Italy TA Global Terms Conditions - Italian             

Letter J

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Japan TA Global Terms Conditions - Japanese             

Letter M

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Mexico Global TC updated May 2018 MEXICO

Letter N

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Netherlands TA Global Terms Conditions - Dutch

Letter P

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Portugal TA Global Terms Conditions - Portuguese             

Letter S

Country Local Terms and Conditions
South Korea South-Korea-TC.pdf
SlovENIA TA Global Terms Conditions - Slovenian 
Spain TA Global Terms Conditions - Spanish  
Sweden TA Global Terms Conditions - Swedish

Letter T

Country Local Terms and Conditions
Turkey TA Global Terms Conditions - Turkish

Letter U

Country Local Terms and Conditions
United-Kingdom TA Global Terms Conditions - English

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