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Meet Manish Verma, MD, Head of Medical Affairs Consumer Health Care South Asia Zone, India

Why I joined Sanofi

Before joining the pharmaceutical industry, I worked as a physician. Helping people to deal with their health challenges was satisfying. In my current role, I can make an impact at a larger scale, to benefit people more broadly throughout their health journey.

I initially joined Sanofi working in diabetes, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. Sanofi is a leader in the field, and most importantly, widely recognised for its deeply ethical approach, focusing on the positive impact we can make in the world. There are great transversal opportunities to move across different parts of the organization and after a few years, I moved to the Consumer Healthcare (CHC) business unit.

Dr Manish Verma MD, Head of Medical Affairs CHC South Asia Zone

What I do

I’m excited about what I’m doing in Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare (CHC) business. We’re focusing on a deeper understanding of the needs and behaviours of the patients and consumers. My typical day involves interacting with doctors, pharmacists and consumers to learn more about their views. I look at how we can help them not only in relation to products but in regard to the everyday health challenges they’re facing.

Diverse opportunities to grow

Culture is one of our most important assets at Sanofi. We are always looking at new ways to enhance it. We are a multicultural organisation, valuing people as authentic, unique personalities. Diversity is our strength and what matters is how an individual adds to this diversity. This culture, in addition to our strong pipeline of innovative medicines, makes us stand out.

Sanofi takes care of employees, from learning new skills and aiming high with career aspirations, to achieving work-life balance. As part of Sanofi’s team, I feel that I’m achieving my career goals. With Sanofi’s support, I can see the progress I’ve made as a professional. I started in a local role, working only in India, and now I’ve been able to broaden my focus across South Asia. Sanofi has helped me expand my knowledge and skills to be able to work in this international environment. This takes patience: there’s no shortcut to the top; maintain your focus on learning and it will pay off. Sanofi has been with me every step of the way on my professional journey, just like they are for people on their individual health journeys.

Meet Luciana Biazetti, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sanofi Pasteur Brazil

Why I joined Sanofi

I joined Sanofi as a trainee more than 20 years ago. After qualifying as a pharmacist, I was looking for an opportunity to work in a large, well-organized pharmaceutical company, in my home country of Brazil. I was keen to find a wide variety of options and opportunities for professional growth. I was able to find exactly that, without ever needing to move to a different company to take the next step in my career!

Since 2015, I’ve worked within Sanofi Pasteur, which develops vaccines. This is important to me personally, as its focus on preventing disease is closely aligned with my own values. It’s also totally connected with Sanofi’s Empowering Life philosophy, because our work provides safe and effective vaccines, preventing disease for the Brazilian people.

Luciana Biazetti, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sanofi Pasteur, Brazil

What I do

I’ve been fortunate to work in many roles within Sanofi, in different therapeutic areas and parts of the business. I’m currently responsible for identifying and developing partnerships and technology transfer projects with Brazilian institutions, aligning Sanofi Pasteur’s strategy with public health needs.

My day usually involves contact with internal stakeholders, both locally and within the wider Latin American team. I work in a team of seven people, with a great deal of interaction with the global team. We have a great working environment. Every day we face new challenges, but we work together to overcome them and deliver positive results. I also meet regularly with external stakeholders, including large public health institutions and vaccine manufacturers, and the Brazilian government.

Opportunities to grow

With its diverse portfolio, Sanofi offers a wide range of opportunities. If you want to build a career that offers new challenges and helps you to explore new areas, Sanofi provides a great environment to do this. I’ve always grasped opportunities to evolve my career: I started in technical areas, have moved through marketing and public affairs roles, and my current position is heavily business-focused. I’m grateful that Sanofi has a culture where this kind of holistic career path is possible.

If you want to have a good career growth, you should take personal responsibility for your professional development. Be clear on your own values from the start, and work for a company that is aligned with what you believe is important. With these positive ingredients, you can find plenty of opportunities – you just need to take the leap. Keep learning and keep growing!

Meet Tunde Falode, General Manager Diabetes and Cardiovascular, DCV, UK

Why I joined Sanofi

After medical training in my home country, Nigeria, I moved to the UK for further specialist training and then worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon. When I decided to move into the pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi’s reputation as a strong and innovative company in the cardiovascular sector, dedicated to serving patients and also to supporting the growth and development of employees, was an important factor in my choice.

From there, I have followed a personalized career path, transitioning from specialist medical affairs to new product planning, then to commercial roles and ultimately to my current position, providing overall leadership and responsibility for our overall diabetes and cardiovascular business in the UK. While I have always worked hard to broaden my expertise, it is only in open-minded organizations such as Sanofi that this sort of career journey is possible.

Tunde Falode, General Manager Diabetes and Cardiovascular - DCV - UK

What I do

I’m excited to be working in the cardiovascular and metabolic field, which connects well with my background as a surgeon. Sanofi is a leader in this area with a strong portfolio of products and pipeline to empower people to fight serious diseases. Knowing that the work we do can benefit the lives of so many people is the most satisfying part of my job. I very much enjoy combining my medical experience with commercial skills to deliver success for our business with an ethical approach that puts patient first. Contact with stakeholders throughout the NHS is valuable to understand the views and challenges they are facing and align with them to better support patients.

The other side of my work is around empowering the people working with me in the UK Diabetes and Cardiovascular business to develop. We thrive on a culture of trust and responsibility and we really enjoy working with each other. I provide leadership and accountability for all aspects of our business, and support our people achieve success and development.

Ongoing development

This is very important to everyone in Sanofi: by helping each person in our organization to grow, we can keep Sanofi innovating and build on our leadership position in the sector. I have worked hard to keep expanding my horizons and learning new skills, and I’m keen to support the people around me in doing the same. I’d advise anyone entering the pharmaceutical industry to take control of their career path: have a vision of where you want to be in 5 years, and develop a plan of how you will get there. But be prepared to adapt that plan as you grow, and as opportunities come your way.

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